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JAHA Tow layer round shape pendant

JAHA Tow layer round shape pendant

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JAHA luxury pendant made for hir 🥰
Experience our new unique design

This product is handcrafted with love and care, not mass-produced, and the vibrant beads create a unique aesthetic. The colorful tones make these necklaces exciting and contemporary. Handmade gifts express the most heartfelt sentiment. Unleash your inner fashionista with our handcrafted resin bead pendant! Ideal for adding a touch of femininity to any outfit, this princess length necklace is a must-have accessory for those who want to make a statement. Each piece is crafted with love and attention, and the dynamic beads create a mesmerizing and modern appearance. The lively colors add a pop of life to any ensemble, making these necklaces the perfect gift for your loved ones.

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